anonymously tell me your credit card number ill reply with what i bought

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+[NEWS] Akdong Musician's 'Galaxy' doesn't pass KBS' Regulations



Article:[Exclusive] Akdong Musician’s ‘Galaxy’ deemed unfit by KBS, passes SBS + MBC

OBS via Naver

For repeating the word ‘galaxy’, which KBS thought might cause a misunderstanding with the smartphone name ‘Galaxy’, indirectly promoting it.

1. [+1,448, -55] What a joke…

DEAD ! They’re joking right ? Seriously KBS… 


“I have long enjoyed exploring the beauty of the natural world through a lens. I enjoy the challenge of working with the elements to capture the essence of an environment as I see and experience it. I always look to add my own sense of feeling and atmosphere to every photograph I take. By working with infrared I am able to capture an alternative perspective that presents us with a version of the world unseen by the human eye; a process that I find equally surprising and rewarding. I hope you enjoy my work!”Anna is a fine art photographer specialising in landscape and infrared photography. She lives by the sea in Portsmouth, England. When she is not taking photographs, Anna spends her time teaching film making, art and photography to an awesome bunch of college students.
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Hilltop, the Malverns - By Freddie Ardley

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In the Forest, Daniel Sørensen

Imantas Selenis

Godolphin Woods, Cornwall | “Tony Armstrong”

a forest by sotomeior on Flickr.

J’veux vraiment aller à la forêt ces derniers jours…

Shōwa-mura by P-Zilla on Flickr.
+The Pace of Life in France


I recently saw a friend from university post up some photos from lunch with the caption, “We took a 3 hour lunch break!”. The photos were followed by several comments joking about how that was impossible.

Now, this is something that’s been percolating in my brain for a while, so you’ll have to…

Glad you adapted to this pace of life ! I think it’s good to have some time to think about life, cause all isn’t about hard working 24/7… Enjoy your stay in Lille ;)