Goodbye Summer by Que Qdadh | (Facebook)

i have too many landscape photos don’t know which pictures to post or not, ahg

I always hate G-Dragon’s shoes, like why ???!

Any tips for night photography pleaase? (I have a Canon EOS 1100d) 

Morning light reflected in a soap bubble over the fjord by (Odinodin) | Website
Tunisia, july 2014.

Back from Algeria/Tunisa, gonna spam your dash soon when i’ll have some free time ! 


Mt. Pulag, Philippines | Miss CMSB

'Swiss Hiking' by Christian Hunziker
"We stopped checking under the bed for monsters when we realized
they were inside of us."
Tablo [Epik High] (via epikhighquotes)

(via epikhighquotes)


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Tebessa,Algeria. August 2014.